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relationship meme

Thank to the people of Marina Asylum

Post here if you want to know what Anise thinks~

// friends //
best friends - [above all others]
close friends - [sharing secrets and dreams]
friends - [laughing together]
on good terms - [our silver lining]
friends by association - [a smile passing by]

emerging friends - [tentative bonds]
former friends - [gone astray]
longtime friends - [for so long]

More...Collapse )

ooc: H.M.D.

 Am I driving between the lines? Off the road a little? Driving on the sidewalk where to pedestrians are? 
Constructive Crit. please if you'd like to tell me how I'm doing. Any help or hints would be nice if I don't seem to be playing her right. IP logging is off and annon on~


Affections Post


 Shall we dance~?


friend remove

 Since TalesHigh appears to be dead, if you see this please friend remove Anise since I'm recycling this journal for another RP.


Prom is coming up and I'm so excited~!


Ugh! But I need someone to invite me so that I can attend! Only Juniors and Seniors are allowed unless invited...And staff but not counting them...unless a certain person would like to ask me~ I'd love that~♥ We'd cause trouble all night long~!

Eh...But would I be allowed to go looking at my track record? And what would I wear, I can't afford a dress...Maybe I shouldn't be thinking about such a thing...